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    Breast lifts, performed by Gary A. Vela, M.D., and other board certified doctors, have become popular among women, especially those with drooping breasts. The procedure has been praised for providing excellent results, with per-operation and post-operation photos of patients providing the required proof. However, the procedure is associated with scarring because the physician has to make incisions in a bid to change the breast shape and raise the breast. There are 3 major scars:

    1. The Benelli Scar

    The Benelli scar forms around the areola during a Benelli breast lift which does not produce vertical scarring. The scar shows the path left by the doctor’s scalpel while making two circular incisions, one inside and the other outside the areola. The skin in between the two circles is removed to reduce the stretching-out of the areola.

    2. The Vertical Scar

    A vertical breast lift results from the making of a vertical “key hole” incision. The areola is circled and the incision extends downward along the center of the breast.

    3. The Anchor Breast Scar

    The scar, also called the “inverted T,” is formed by an incision around the areola, a vertical incision, and another horizontal one that is very effective in reshaping the breast.

    All breast lift patients wish for a small, good looking scar that will finally fade into the nipple, which is why the Benelli scar is the easiest to manage. The vertical scar is bigger and appears on the underside of the breast.

    Gary A. Vela, M.D., is a breast lift surgeon who has helped thousands of women regain their youthful breast shape.

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